Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Highland County In General And The Republican Party In Particular, This Fiasco Is Finally Over

From the Times-Gazette:

Hoskins the first sitting judge in modern judicial history in Ohio to be removed from the bench

COLUMBUS (AP)- In a move rare in Ohio and across the country, the state Supreme Court on Thursday disbarred a county judge accused of money laundering and other ethics violations.

With the court's action, Highland County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Hoskins becomes the first sitting judge in modern judicial history in Ohio to be removed from the bench.


For those of you who are not familiar with this case, you can read the complaints against Hoskins here, here, and here.

Finally, this episode is over. Jeff is a genuinely nice guy. However, he was a genuinely bad judge who made bad decisions. For that he has paid the ultimate price in so far as his career goes. But, he has his health, his family and if he is a God fearing man, his faith. With those things he can move on. As can Highland County and the Republican Party.

We have nominated another genuinely good man to replace Hoskins on the Republican ticket for the Court of Common Pleas. I have worked with Fred Beery since I became Auditor for the city. You can find no one more dedicated to his profession and he will make a fine judge. His opponent is a good guy too. But he is a Democrat and that party has set a course for this nation that is not in it's best interests. Therefore, I do not believe any Democrat at any level should be rewarded with an elected position.

I will work hard for Fred and soon I hope I can honor him with the title of judge.